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veteran of WWII.

Unfortunately we have no way of confirming if this is true. A hostile ghost alliance could still be forming at this very moment. Is that a risk you're willing to take?

I have spent years nuturing relationships with my supernatural informants; it is a sensitive and on-going task. If you imagine that these T2s and T3s will instead keep Special Branch informed of developments in the supernatural community then you are sorely mistaken.


from: Giles Hopkins <>
to: Dominik Rook <>
priority: URGENT


I must warn you in no uncertain terms to return Titania immediatly. You have until 5pm today to right this egregious error of jugement. After that time we will have no choice butto give your name toMI5.

This has not and will not help your cause one iota. In fact, you have obliterated any remnant of sympathy the Home Secretary might have felt in actioning the demise of your department.

I do not need to tell you how distraught the Home Secretary is at this moment. Not to mention the state of his poor dog-sitter Miss Bellerose. I can only imagine the distress Mrs. Frith and the Home Secretary's two young daughters would be going through right nowif they were in the country.

The Home Secretary has asked me to remind you that Titi is wheat intolerant. Under no circumstances should she be fed regular dog food.

Unless you safely return Titi ASAP, you will forfeit all hope of a future position in the public service. 5pm is your deadline.


Giles Hopkins
Private Offic of The Home Secretary
Assistant to The Rt Hon. Alistair Frith FRSL, MP

Attached Document (Message of Titanias kidnapper):
You know what you have to do if you want to see her again.

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