Rook emails week4 part2

Why on earth didn't you say something earlier - to me. to the MI5 agents. to Giles?? This strife could have been resolved for both of us weeks ago!


The Rt Hon. Alistair Frith FRSL, MP
Home Secretary

from: Dominik Rook <>
to: Alistair Frith <>
subject: Re: Titania found


I rang Giles on the Monday after Titania went missing to tell him I had looked into the matter and it seemed most likely that your wife had orchestrated the abduction from Switzerland. I proffered evidence that suggested she used the same private investigator who recently informed her of your intimate friendship with Miss Bellerose.

Giles dismissed me and threatened that MI5 would turn over my house again if I repeated these allegations.

He warned me that he was recording our conversation for my "inevitable day in court", so I'm sure you'll have no trouble confirming the verity of this account.


from: Alistair Frith <>
to: Dominik Rook <>
Subject: Titania found


If this is true. I sincerely appreciate the effort you made. I'll be looking into this.


The Rt Hon. Alistair Frith FRSL, MP
Home Secretary

from: Kate Whitfield <k>
to: Dominik Rook <>
Subject: New point of contact

Dear Mr Rook,

Just a brief note to let you know that Giles Hopkins is no longer with the Home Office. I will be your first point of contact for the Home Secretary for the remainder of your current posting. My phone number is the same as my predecessor's and I'd be happy to help you with any matter.


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