Rook emails week3 part1

from:Dominik Rook <>
to: Alistair Frith <>
Subject: Titania

Dear Alistair,

I had nothing to do with the abduction of your dog. I'm too busy for games. Besides, as your ardent assistant pointed out, I would have nothing to gain and everything to lose from such an action.

Do not send MI5 here again. And kindly prevent your assistant from phoning and emailing incessantly. There is only so much I can do to try to safeguard this country before the DoDD is no more, and I plan to make use of every minute I have.

Meanwhile, I suggest you might find answers somewhat closer to home.


from: Giles Hopkins <>
to: Dominik Rook <>
subject: Re: Titania

Do not contact this office again unless you are ready to reveal the location of Titania.

Just because MI5 haven't found evidence of your involvement yet, do not for a minute think this is over.


Giles Hopkins
Private Offic of The Home Secretary
Assistant to The Rt Hon. Alistair Frith FRSL, MP

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