from: Dominik Rook <>

to: Alistair Firth <>
Subject: Case #PG258


My report on the deadly incident at Melville Kane Insurance, Cardiff (#PG258, Type 2) has just left my hands and is on its way to your office. I fear that recent developments might make you less likely to prioritise such a document. With respect, this would be foolish in the extreme.

Please understand that the reference to Titania was merely a reminder that the DoDD protects all living creatures against the preternatural - not just humans.


from: Giles Hopkins <>
to: Dominik Rook <>
subject: Re:Case #PG258


Again, if you could please direct all correspondence to me from now on.

And please, no more references of any kind to Titania. You know very well she is the Home Secretary's Achilles heel but you will not sway him in this or any other matter by playing dirty.

Thank you,

Giles Hopkins
Private Office of The Home Secretary
Assistant to The Rt. Hon. Alistair Firth FRSL, MP

from: Dominik Rook <>
to: Alistair Firth <>
Subject: In lieu of a face to face


As you will not meet on this matter in person, I will send you précis of some of our cases from the past few years. It is vital that you understand what the DoDD has bee achieving, quietly and consistently, for centuries.

Since yesterday's incident was a T2 attack, let's begin with another notable T2 case.

Bristol, 2009. A twelve-year-old boy was brutally murdered and recruited by a notorious Type 2. This T2, one of the very worst of it's kind and known to be over one hundered years of age, is also thought to be responsible for Case #YF376 (the Bristol train massacre, aka The Box Tunnel 20). Before we could take the recruited child into custody, the T2 helped him flee Bristol in the company of Fleur, the child's grieving mother. It is my understanding that the older T2 threatened the woman's life if she would not accompany her "son", though sadly it is not unknown for humans to remain attached to the monsters who have replaced their loved ones. An understandig of senitivities such as these is what sets the DoDD apart from those uninformed parties whom you would have carry on our work. (...)

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