to: Alistair Firth <>
Subject: Request for meeting ASAP

Dear Alistair,

If the proposed dissolution of the Department of Domestic Defence goes ahead I can assure you that the effect on this country will be swift and devastating. Special Branch will be overwhelmed within a week.

I request another face to face at your earliest possible convenience



from: Dominik Rook <>
to: Alistair Firth <>
Subject: Re: Request for meeting ASAP


I have not yet heared from your staff about scheduling another meeting.

If you won't think of the peace and safety of the citizens you serve then I ask you to think of the welbing of your own family and friends.

If nothing else, then think of Titania. We must not delay.


from: Giles Hopkins <>
to: Dominik Rook <>
cc: Alistair Firth <>
subject: Please note


I am afraid the Home Secretary will be unable to honour your request for another meeting. He asked me to remind you that the matter in question is closed for discussion.

This office would also request, that you refain from making any references or indirect threats to the Home Secretary's pet schnauzer.

In future, please direct all corresondance to me and I will pass on any relevant details to the Home Secretary.


Giles Hopkins
Private Office of The Home Secretary

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