Rook emails week5 part4

Exactly what is meant by the term "demon" we do not know for sure, as the lore consists almost exclusively of rumour and conjecture. Perhaps the name refers to a kind of Type 2; certainly my father alway belived the name was synonymous with the Old Ones. However, my research has largely ruled out this theory. I believe "demon" refers to a type of monster we have not yet classified. What little evidence we hace suggests it could be a shape shifter, capable of taking human or animal form at will, and in possession of abilities usually associated with Type 1s; invisibility, exceptional strength, and the power to read human minds. I'm sure you find all of this hard to believe. However, all I can do is report the intelligence that I have gathered in my time as Permanent Secretary. My full report will form part of the primary records left with the Home Office at handover on Friday.

I sincerely hope that someone will read those reports, Alistair. Before it's too late.

Dominic Rook

Permanents Secretary.
The Department of Domestic Defence

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