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BEING HUMAN FANS. I take my hat off to you, you are an observant bunch.

Many of you spotted the recent press release that announced a Being Human night coming to BBC Three on Saturday 28th March. Well, I am very pleased to be able to give you a few extra juicy details...

The night kicks off with Being Human: Unearthed, a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of the show. It really is your most comprehensive guide to Being Human yet, featuring brand new interviews from the actors behind George, Mitchell, Annie, Herrick, Lauren and Nina. On top of that there's more from writer Toby Whithouse, a whole bunch of the production team and even a member of the BH Blog team. Who'd have thought!?

Oh, and one more bit of goss... the voiceover will be done by none other than Alex Price, the man behind legendary character of Gilbert , so Better dust off your Morrissey records in preparation for his return.

Following Unearthed, there's another chance to see Being Human episodes one, two and three, followed by episodes four, five and six the following Saturday. So bagsy the sofa, put the cat outside and take the phone of the hook... that's some serious viewing time right there and you don't want to miss it.

Right, we're going to don our ninja outfits and attempt to get you some sneaky Being Human: Unearthed preview clips... wish us luck!

  1. BEING HUMAN NIGHT COMING 28th MARCH Garret Keogh - 24. März 2009

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