Being Human: Unofficial and Unauthorised
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Autor Joanne Black
Verlag Classic TV press, 2010
ISBN 0956100031, 9780956100030
Länge 300 Seiten
Sprache Englisch

Being Human: Unofficial and UnauthorisedBearbeiten

Being Human, created for BBC Three by Toby Whithouse, puts the supernatural firmly into the everyday world. That cute, geeky hospital porter? A werewolf. A flash of a sunny smile and some grey leggings? A ghost. The dark-eyed Irish guy at the bar? A vampire. George (Russell Tovey), Annie (Lenora Crichlow) and Mitchell (Aidan Turner) live in a pink house in Bristol and all they want is to be normal, to fit in - to be human. After a successful pilot in 2008, a full series of Being Human was commissioned and shown in 2009, with a second series following in 2010. The pilot gained an enthusiastic and vocal online fanbase - a community that grew and grew throughout the series, helping to give BBC Three one of its most successful programmes. As well as reviewing each episode from the first two series in detail, this book looks at the birth of the show and profiles the characters and the mythology behind them. Not forgetting - of course - the plots, the themes, the darkness and the humour, in fact just about everything that being human really means. An affectionate, humorous, and occasionally slightly sarcastic, exploration of the world of Being Human. A must for all fans of the series.

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