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00 Pilot (Achtung: Auf keiner DVD Box vorhanden und mit anderen Darstellern!)

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01 Flotsam and Jetsam
02 Tully
03 Ghost Town
04 Another Fine Mess
05 Where The Wild Things Are
06 Bad Moon Rising

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01 Cure and Contagion
02 Serve God, Love Me and Mend
03 Long Live the King
04 Educating Creature
05 The Looking Glass
06 In the Morning
07 Damage
08 All God's Children

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01 Lia
02 Adam's Family
03 Type 4
04 The Pack
05 The Longest Day
06 Daddy Ghoul
07 Though the Heavens Fall
08 The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

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01 Eve of the War
02 Being Human 1955
03 The Graveyard Shift
04 A Spectre Calls
05 Hold the Front Page
06 Puppy Love
07 Making History
08 The War Child

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01 The Trinity
02 Sticks and Rope
03 Pie and Prejudice
04 The Greater Good
05 No Care, All Responsibility
06 The Last Broadcast


Being Human Episoden

Staffel 1: PilotFlotsam and JetsamTullyGhost TownAnother Fine MessWhere The Wild Things AreBad Moon Rising

Staffel 2: Cure and ContagionServe God, Love Me and MendLong Live The KingEducating CreatureThe Looking GlassIn The MorningDamageAll God's Children

Staffel 3: LiaAdam's FamilyType 4 The PackThe Longest DayDaddy GhoulThough the Heavens FallThe Wolf-Shaped Bullet

Staffel 4: Eve of the WarBeing Human 1955The Graveyard ShiftA Spectre CallsHold the Front PagePuppy LoveMaking HistoryThe War Child

Staffel 5: The TrinitySticks and RopePie and PrejudiceThe Greater GoodNo Care, All ResponsibilityThe Last Broadcast

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